Weather Report

While the rest of the country is shivering in their homes (New York: high of 37, Chicago: 33) (all temperatures delivered in degrees Fahrenheit), we will be basking in the warmth of mild weather additionally tempered by climate change.  A quick look at our weather this weekend for the festival:

Thursday will be high of 66, low of 56 light winds and some cloud cover.

Friday will be high of 63, low of 56.  Cloudy in the morning and at night.

Saturday (just in time for the pool party) will be high of 64, low of 58.  It will apparently be cloudy most of the day, so SPF 50 sunscreen only recommended, not required, while you are lounging poolside.

Sunday will be high of 64, low of 55, though partly to mostly cloudy all day.

We’re looking forward to another delightful weekend of weather in America’s Finest City, mostly spent indoors watching people pretend to be other people on stage. Tweet using #SDImprovFest your pictures of wonderful weather you use to make all the other teams back home super jealous.