An “Un-Conference” for the Improv Community!

How often have you heard others say they would LOVE more time to share ideas with you about improv? How great would it be if you could spend a whole day meeting with other improvisers and YOU set the agenda?  And, what if you  all used the tenets of improv to help you do it?

That’s the idea behind our inaugural IMPROVISED IMPROV-CON.  It’s a half-day of open space learning to create, share, and collaborate.  The un-conference (learn about the unconference format) is completely participant-driven and gives you the opportunity to build peer networks and maximize discussions around any improv-related topics that interest you.

Discuss how to become a great teacher.  Present ideas on ways to get more funding. Brainstorm 50 new cool show ideas as a group.  Pose a simple question like, “How do you get people to your shows?” Anything but actual improv skill building workshops are fair game!

Improv-Con is focused on open dialogue and a willingness to share, not planned presentations by a small handful of experts.

The rules of Improv-Con are simple:

Rule #1:  Whoever shows up are the right people / cast
Rule #2:  Whatever happens is meant to happen.  Duh – that’s improv.
Rule #3: Yes! And… everyone shares and adds something.
Rule #4:  It starts when it starts and it’s over when it’s over.  You call edits and scene!

Sessions are pitched in a starting general session of the un-conference by any participant.  The Improv-Con leader will facilitate a brief “pitch meeting”, arrange all topics on a large board by time and room, and then you simply “vote with your feet” throughout the day by joining the sessions you want.

Session not what you thought it would be?  Edit with your feet (go to a different one).  The number of sessions throughout the day will depend on the number of topics proposed.  We are aiming this year for three sessions throughout the day with multiple groups meeting on various topics each session.  There might be more.  There might be less.

What is certain is that you will have plenty of time to meet with peers, pick their brains, share your experiences, challenge your thinking, and re-energize.  Improv and teaching…. leadership…. business…. technology…. development…. clowning…. music…. experimentation… relationships…. you name it, it will be available to you if you make it!  What can you share about?  What do you want to learn about?

The inaugural Improvised Improv-Con is going to be a half-day of spirited collaboration.  Therefore, one last rule:  These sessions are anything BUT traditional instructor led workshops to make you a better performer.  (There are plenty of those the rest of the weekend.)

Be sure to arrive by Wednesday night so you can join us Thursday, February 15th for the conference that’s about improv and based on improv!

Best of all, this year’s inaugural Improv-Con is COMPLETELY FREE TO ATTEND!  However, we do ask that you register in advance so we can plan for enough space for everyone.

Start time:  1pm       End time: 5:30pm