5 Things! With Festival Teacher Tim Paul!

We played 5 Things! with Tim Paul! lets learn more about him! Tim Paul is a recent transplant to L.A. from Chicago. He’s currently a faculty member at the Second City Hollywood Training Center. In Chicago, he was a resident director at the Annoyance Theatre. Selected credits include My So-Called Afterlife, Becker, Escape From Ground Zero and Fisting: A Period Piece. In addition to previously being on the faculty at both the Annoyance (Chicago) and Second City (Chicago), he has been a guest instructor at the Annoyance (NYC), Dublin Improv (Dublin, Ireland), The Nursery (London, UK), The New Movement (Austin), Recul (Bucharest, Romania) and Improv Asylum (Boston). Tim was an ensemble member of Mick Napier’s Invisible World at the Annoyance, which was named ‘Best Sketch of 2014’ by Chicago Magazine. In 2015, he spent most of the year performing with Second City from Barcelona to Bermuda aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. Tim also has a dog named Kitty Dukakis.