5 Things! With Festival Teacher Jacque Arend!

Jacque Arend started improvising in 2005. Her first dose of education came from IO Chicago’s summer intensive. She co-founded The Torch Theatre (Phoenix, Arizona) in 2007 and teaches Ensemble Performance, Advanced Formats, as well as various workshop focuses including Deconstruction. Jacque is the lead instructor for The Torch Theatre’s Corporate Team Building program and administers the training center. She also instructs the improv/comedy programs for actors at Arizona Actors Academy and is the registration coordinator for Camp Improv Utopia. Jacque is a regular performer with a handful of ongoing troupes, such as Mail Order Bride, JaxN Reed, Birds & Broads and MuChuChu. Jacque has played on main stage of the Phoenix Improv Festival for the last eleven years. Recently she has performed at the 2016 District Improv Festival, 2017 San Diego Improv Festival and the 2017 Del Close Marathon. She has brought her workshops to the District Improv Festival and Camp Improv Utopia East.

Check out Jacque’s workshop Lets Play!