Thursday 9pm Block: Highlights


  • Jewell dances like a Muppet.
  • Christine dubs a new hashtag: #piecesofpaperwithpencils.
  • RC Georges takes the stage to do short form improv; only such team at the festival.
  • “I like my women like I like my urban planners – keeping me unsure what they actually do.”
  • “Are you proposing?” – I can’t believe I’ve never seen this come up in a Stand, Sit, Kneel game before.
  • On Bon Jovi as a getaway driver: “he’s always just going halfway there.”
  • Peabody wins a free drink, then the wheel of games won’t not end on the empty spot20150219_214425.
  • “I can play that.  I LARP.”
  • “When a lion that sounds like Liam Neeson invites you somewhere, you show up.”
  • The Mechanicals from Orange County do improvised Shakespeare. Their suggestion is: “The Lust of Genevieve”.
  • “Wealth of weddings or deluge of death.”
  • “I shall mount you as if my stallion.”
  • “I wish to see you more hard and firmer.”
  • “Do you know much of women?” “Indeed, I had a mother.”
  • On encouraging Genevieve to kill the king in his sleep: “Daggers are good.  Daggers are the right thing.”
  • From the homosexual king: “She lacks the parts that I like.”20150219_215801
  • “I die a philosopher’s death.” Which is apparently being stabbed in your sleep next to a slave boy.
  • This is currently my pick for #SDIFBestofFest – superb improv!
  • Rosita Stone is San Diego’s all Espanol group.  Their threat during their opening interview: “this is the most English you’re going to hear from us.”
  • I won’t really attempt to quote the Spanish.  I know I would get it wrong anyway.
  • Peabody pulls double duty for audience participation.
  • Dino, about Peabody’s Starbucks job: “Do you have dreams?”
  • Audience teaches Dino what a callback is.
  • Pee break conducted on mariachi, then gets called out for not washing hands, which they didn’t know because the sign telling them to do so was in English.
  • Croissants = crossantes.
  • “Palomar College es grande institucion.”
  • Thank god Dino is here to correct everyone’s Spanish vocabulary.
  • Brilliant chair flipping game complete with sideline support to keep resetting chairs.
  • Jetzo (LA) asks for a suggestion, gets “Pokemon”, and has the most dramatic, longest pause to an ask for20150219_222520 I’ve ever seen.
  • Jet is going to commit suicide, and sings the sweetest song about a suicide note.
  • As he hangs in his apartment for a week, a cloud of flies starts buzzing furiously.
  • Juzo has come to see his friend, and finds the door open, but is unsure if he wants to go in.  He asks the audience, and Clark politely shakes his head “no”.
  • Juzo replies that he can’t afford to stay in a hotel.
  • Jet comes back to life to state: “it’s been a tough week.” Turns out he can’t die.
  • Authentic Japanese restaurant: Ichiban.  They’re about to give directions, and then decide its not worth it.
  • They pull Marcus up and Jet reveals he is cheating on Juzo with him.  Marcus replies that: “I fear his rath.”  Juno notes Marcus’ size and beard.
  • Marcus is poisoned, and is invited to take his moment.
  • “You think my secret is a compliment?” “I’m humble about it.”
  • Guitar player follows suit by hanging himself.

Thursday 7pm Block: Photos and Quotes

"Fifty Shades of Grey: it's basically American Sniper in the bedroom." - Swim Team
“Fifty Shades of Grey: it’s basically American Sniper in the bedroom.” – Swim Team
"I saw a picture of your husband-to-be and thought this was a better looking version of him!" - Zombie Gourmet
“I saw a picture of your husband-to-be and thought this was a better looking version of him!” – Zombie Gourmet
"Sure, Father John, he's a weirdo, but he's our weirdo." - Controlled Panic
“Sure, Father John, he’s a weirdo, but he’s our weirdo.” – Controlled Panic
"You're beautiful. You smell, but you're definitely beautiful."
“You’re beautiful. You smell, but you’re definitely beautiful.” – Shades of Grey