Announcing Festival Exchange Teacher, Terje Brevik From Oslo, Norway!

Earlier this year we reached out to improv teachers all around the world to submit to come to the San Diego Improv Festival. We had submissions from some amazingly talented teachers from all over the globe. We are thrilled to announce that this year’s “Exchange Teacher” Is Terje Brevik! Terje hails from Oslo, Norway and is the head of  Impro Neuf, Norways largest and most inclusive improv community.

After taking all the classes available in Norway, Terje went to Calgary and the Loose Moose Theatre for their summer school and mask workshop, Chicago for the iO Summer Intensive two years ago and the iO Advanced Intensive this summer, as well as the Annoyance Intensive. Not to mention Ten Days With Keith Johnstone the last three summers, in beautiful Odsherred, Denmark.

Terje is extremely passionate about teaching improv. He teaches drop ins, ensemble workshops, beginner intensives, corporate teambuilding, as well as improv for young adults with mental health issues.

Terje is teaching “Enough with the F*cking Questions Already”  Questions stops scenes moving forward, not to mention it’s selfish. Your questions are forcing your partner to make all the decisions, when what you should be doing is making your partner look good on stage. This workshop will train you to better take care of yourself and your partner by avoiding all those unnecessary questions! Level: beginners to intermediate

As part of our Exchange Teacher program we are providing Terje with travel arraignments, hotel accommodations, and more comedy bits then he will know what to do with! Please join us on January 18th for our Festival Night Improvation to help raise money to cover the Exchange Teacher program as well as for our hospitality committee to decorate and supply our out of town improvisers with swag and treats!

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